Vegetarian Honestly?

17 Apr

If Gastroveggie looks interesting to you there is a good possibility that you are vegetarian whether for religious, ethical or health reasons or simply enjoy non-meat cuisine. In any case,  this is for sure that you are not suffering without meat or desperately looking for substitutes to make up for the lack of meat taste in your diet.

So why wouldn’t a food photograph be mouth-watering without the presence of real meat?

Very recently, a brave blog (Quarrygirl – revealed that a San Francisco-based vegetarian lifestyle magazine VegNews was using actual meat and dairy photographs for recipes. Many loyal VegNews followers were shocked and they felt betrayed. Several factors from financial constraints to editorial accidents may be affecting the magazine’s choice of these images  although this is very difficult to justify. After all now there is an issue of trust.

Moreover, it looks like they have slightly misunderstood vegetarian gastronomy.

Vegetarian Diet is not the Second Best

In several articles VegNews promote substitutes and faux meat for vegans and vegetarians to enjoy everything from fried chicken to BBQ ribs. It is essential to avoid exploitation of animals but there is more than that about vegetarian gastronomy which is not a new concept in history of civilization. Vegetarian traditions have been existent  in many societies since ancient times. Therefore what we talk about is centuries-long culinary heritage that does not need adjustments to be similar to the meat-based diet. This may sound inflexible however it needed to be pointed out.

To cut a long story short, the message is that the media defenders of  vegetarian lifestyle should have true dedication and go beyond teaching us the ways to obtain meat taste without meat, but rather report the gastronomical pleasures of genuine vegetarian diet with honest images.

To see the full story by Quarrygirl, visit the link:

To read it from The New York Times:

To give VegNews a chance to defend, view their official response:


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