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Royal Wedding Reception Menu

29 Apr

 Today is the big day. The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, now Duchess of Cambridge, took place this morning at Westminster Abbey. After a cheerful procession greeted by thousands from all around the world, the royal couple has arrived at the Buckingham Palace where a wedding reception will be held soon hosted by Her Majesty The Queen. And I wonder what’s on the menu?

William&Kate after the Wedding

Well, as officially announced, 150 different type of canapés will be served to 650 guests attending the reception. There will be cold canapés, savory hot canapés and finally sweet canapés. It is said that these recipes were created over time. I wonder if there are vegetarian ones?

 And of course, the wedding cake… Fiona Cairns has designed the wedding cake. She says that she feels overwhelmed, privileged and excited at the same time. The cake is a very traditional fruitcake of which the recipe is slightly changed for the royal couple. The traditional fruitcake is, in fact, a specialty of Fiona Cairns as that is how she started business.

 It is said that the cake is decorated using Joseph Lambeth technique with traditional delicate flowers and light top. Flowers used on the wedding cake are chosen according to language of flowers as used in Victorian times to express emotions in a coding way. White rose, for example, as one of the choices of Ms. Middleton symbolizes happiness.

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